About Fiave Donuts

Fiave Donuts is part of Chef Silva’s vision of making high quality food at affordable prices. It has been his mission to offer healthy food options across the country. Our donuts are clean and delicious, handmade and baked with love.

We source the very best ingredients and keep out products clean and simple, just as they used to be made traditionally! With over 10 years of experience in the business and thousands of happy customers, partners and distributors, Fiave Donuts will always keep its word and commitment to deliver the freshest products, all natural so that we support a healthy future and wellbeing for our customers nationwide.

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Using only the freshest & finest ingredients

Fiave Donuts consistently creates an amazing range of donuts that tastes heavenly and made with clean ingredients. We use a natural mix of fruits in our jellies to bring clean, healthy food back to American homes.

Taste and product integrity go hand in hand at Fiave Donuts. We don’t cut corners, we always look for the very best ways to build our products.

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